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Harper Blaine periodically enlists him to use his amazing skills with electronics to assist her with cases. He hangs out in the library and the best way to contact him is to go there or to page him.

Harper met him after her office was broken into. The lock smith suggested him as someone who could intall an alarm system fast and cheap. Quinton considers himself a sort of “freelance troubleshooter”.


Long brown hair tiead at nape of his neck, pale face, close-trimmed dark beard. ~ Greywalker, p27


Walks at a brisk pace. Doesn’t balk at the weird stuff. Distrusts vampires a lot. He has an eloctronics degree, but prefers fly solo doing whatever comes up. He believes: “Steady jobs are for slaves. You just trade hours for dollars. I don’t like that. So I don’t do it. There is always someone around who needs something quick and dirty and I’m the quick and dirty expert.” Sometimes he does contract work.


This is how Harper describes his abilities: “He was a renaissance man of technology, though he didn’t seam to own a cell phone or a computer of his own. He could hack, kludge, or wing anything. He’d once installed an alarm system in a vamire’s car for me. No matter how bizarre tuckman’s setup turned out to be, I doubte it would ever beat running a panic button into the spare tire well of a classic Camaro that sported two inches of dirt in the trunk.” ~ Poltergeist, page 22