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Harper's most frequent client, Nanette Grover is a prominent Seattle lawyer. She most often employs Harper to do research and tracking on her criminal clients. She is usually referred to obliquely in the various novels as Harper spends downtime on the central cases of each book working on things for Nan. The first actual appearance of Nanette Grover occurs in the novella The Third Death of the Little Clay Dog in the Mean Streets anthology.


Nan has smooth, dark skin which is usually highlighted with delicate makeup. Her hair is dark brown and straightened, and often worn in French twist. She has only been shown in stylish skirt suits. She has a very cold demeanor (all the warmth of a copper pipe in the snow) which aids her well in the courtroom, but tends to be rather off-putting to others.

She keeps herself habitually under tight emotional control, as indicated by the fact that her energy corona in the Grey is normally cool and constrained to a narrow bright line. When she is in court, however, her corona swells and alternates between a hypnotic pall and legal scalpel.


Nanette is a well-known and very skilled litigator. It can thusly be assumed that she is well read and highly educated. There has been no indication that she is in anyway aware of the Grey or the other paranormal aspects of Seattle or some of her clients.