A psychologist and professor at Pacific Northwest University, Gartner Tuckman hires Harper Blaine to investigate the possibility of a participant in his research group faking results in Poltergeist. Harper was referred to him by Ben Danziger. He has a very grating personality to Harper, although he shows himself capable of being charming when it suits him. He values his research more than the safety or welfare of the participants, and has a history of graft and fiscal mismanagement of funds allocated for his projects. The tragic events of Poltergeist result in the exposure of his malfeasance and caused his research and position to come under review.


Tuckman is short (significantly less than 5' 10") and thin, with an arrogant, badgering manner and a cold piercing gaze. His hands are long fingered and he tends to gesture and clasp them when he talks. He has a sharp voice and often speaks with a condescending tone, unless he is trying to manipulate a test subject, when he becomes quite obsequious and comforting.

His aura is cold and often shot through with flashing green tendrils, like "snakes snapping at flies".


Gartner is a trained pschologist, and thusly a skilled manipulator of other people. He also has shown a fair facility at creative accounting and helped Mark Lupoldi in devising means of faking psychokinetic phenomena. He also has a familiarity with standard electronic monitoring equipment, and is very familiar with experimental protocols.